Special Feature Events

Four Special Feature Events shall be organised of Parliamentarians, Mayors, Youths and Innovators to discuss their special roles and responsibilities for disaster risk management.

Parliamentarians on Disaster Management

Members of Parliament, Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils will present their visions of making their countries and constituencies resilient to disasters

Mayors on Disaster Management

City Mayors and administrators will share their experiences and good practices for making their cities resilient to disasters and climate change

Youths on Disaster Management

Youth leaders and volunteers will narrate their experiences of working with communities for managing risks and building resilience to disasters

Innovators and Startups on Disaster Management

Disaster risk management promises unprecedented opportunities for bottom-up innovative solutions. The innovators and startup teams aiming to address risk management will share their ideas and initiatives.

Technologies for Disaster Management

Innovative and disruptive technologies can bring paradigm shift in disaster risk management. From real-time risk assessment and now-casting to post-disaster reconstruction and recovery, technologies can help to leapfrog existing constraints and significantly enhance risk management.

Media and Disaster Management

Leaders from media will discuss the role of media as enabler and partner of both government and community to improve information on disaster risk management.The media can also be an effective watchdog to facilitate implementation of inclusive disaster management plans.